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Illumiload's rechargeable magnetic marker lights could save you thousands.

Driving on Australian roads at night poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to transporting oversize loads. Large vehicles carrying heavy and bulky loads require special attention to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Australia has strict regulations for transporting oversize and wide loads. One crucial aspect of this safety protocol is the use of night lights, as mandated by Schedule 8 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

According to this regulation, if an oversize vehicle is being used at night, specific requirements for side markers and warning lights must be adhered to. 

The rule states that if an oversize vehicle is being used at night side markers must be displayed:

  • not more than 2m apart along the total length of each side of the vehicle and any load projecting from the front or rear of the vehicle; and
  • at each corner of any load projecting from the front or rear of the vehicle; and
  • 2 rear markers must be fitted to the rear of any load projecting from the rear of the vehicle, within 400mm of each side of the load and at least 1m but not more than 2.1m above the ground; and
  • a warning light must be attached to the vehicle if it, together with any load, is wider than 2.5m or longer than 22m.

Rear markers: Means red lights known as ‘rear markers.’

Side markers: Means lights showing yellow to the front and red to the rear and are known as ‘side markers.’

Schedule 8 is a National Regulation, and state regulations can differ. It’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the regulations and requirements of the state you are driving through.

Illumiload’s rechargeable magnetic LED marker lights assist logistics, freight, and haulage organisations to meet their safety requirements and targets. 

Shop our range of rechargeable magnetic LED night lights and add to your fleet’s safety system!



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In the media - Big Rigs, May 2023

We were proud to partner with Big Rigs Magazine to help celebrate the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show!


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For heavy haulage operators, regulatory compliance and cost optimisation are two constant challenges.


 Illumiload’s rechargeable magnetic marker lights offer heavy haulage operators the opportunity to adhere to safety regulations and standards while also reducing costs. 

Our rechargeable lights eliminate the need to purchase and replace disposable batteries, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, our lights help to ensure that operators are meeting their safety and legal requirements as set out in federal and state regulations, gazettes, and permits.

But just how much money can Illumiload’s rechargeable magnetic marker lights really save you?

While the investment in rechargeable lights may be higher initially than lights using disposable batteries, our analysis shows that rechargeable magnetic marker lights are much more cost effective in the long term – with the potential to save heavy haulage operators thousands!

For the sake of a price comparison, let’s assume a haulage operator has a fleet of five trucks and replaces 16 batteries per truck, each month, or 960 batteries annually. Here’s an estimate of how much that haulage operator would spend on batteries each year:

For a fleet of 5 trucks this investment equals:



Disposable Replacement Batteries

Charger Case + 16 Rechargeable Magnetic Marker Lights





 Disclaimer: The calculation above assumes an average usage of 3 trips per week, each lasting 2 hours, for a total of 24 hours of battery usage per month. It assumes that each truck uses one light per trip and the average lifespan of a disposable battery is one month.

 So, overall rechargeable magnetic marker lights can conservatively save operations managers more than $4000 over five years.

And that’s just calculating the cost of replacement product – not the huge cost-saving benefit rechargeable magnetic marker lights can provide in terms of improved productivity. Think about how much time your drivers waste by sourcing and replacing disposable batteries – couldn’t this time be better spent on the road?

Rechargeable magnetic marker lights eliminate the need to purchase and replace disposable batteries, and also help to ensure that operators are meeting their safety requirements. The huge cost saving benefits make rechargeable magnetic marker lights a smart investment for any heavy haulage operator.


If you’d like to learn more about how Illumiload can help you to streamline your fleet’s safety system we invite you to contact us via our contact page.